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Shining Blade - Roaring Blade Sakuya Mode: Crimson Ani-Statue


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The lovely ladies of the “Shining” series from SEGA have made for an incredible line of Ani*Statues, and now Kotobukiya is proud to return to the latest incarnation Shining Blade for an all-new version of one of the main characters: ROARING BLADE SAKUYA -MODE: CRIMSON-!  We’ve seen her before in cerulean, but now Sakuya unleashes her inner fire with crimson mode.  Featuring a highly detailed sculpt and color scheme, the girl has never looked better.  Sakuya stands amidst a sea of flames, calmly hefting the massive Dragon Flame Sword over her head.  The fiery warrior wears a short dress in, you guessed it, crimson, with white and yellow details and intricate piping.  She also has long black and gray boots and gloves, and purple ties hold her floor-length hair in two long tails.  Both the fire-style base and sword are even crafted partially in clear plastic for a shimmering flame look!  Sculpted by Koei Matsumoto, Roaring Blade Sakuya -Mode: Crimson- stands a massive 13 inches tall, now in 1/6 scale!  This incredible statue is the perfect centerpiece for your Shining Hearts and Blade collection