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Batman: Arkham City Deluxe Action Figure Series 2 Titan Joker

by DC Direct
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The Batman Arkham City Deluxe Action Figure: Titan Joker Deluxe measures approximately 11.5” tall and features multiple points of articulation.

Batman Arkham City Deluxe Action Figure Titan Joker Deluxe is transformed into a gigantic monstrosity with hands distended into immense curving claws. Following a fire at Blackgate Prison which necessitates the temporary transfer of various inmates to Arkham Asylum, the Joker escapes custody and assumes control of Arkham. Gaining access to the chemical substance, Titan, a powerful derivative of Venom, which enables him to bolster his ranks with superhuman thugs. In Arkham City the Joker suffers from an unpredicted side effect of Titan: a fatal disease which causes progressive debilitation; the Joker attacks Batman, performing a blood transfusion to inflict Batman with the same disease, forcing Batman to seek a cure both for himself and for the Joker.

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