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Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile Elite 1:43 Scale


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Scale: 1:43

Collection: Cult Classic Collection

Limited Edition: no more than 10,000 pieces

Based on the legendary DC Comics character, the film ‘BATMAN’.
The film is the first installment of ‘Warner Bros.’ BATMAN™ Series and tells the story of BRUCE WAYNE coping with the rise of a powerful villain known as ‘THE JOKER’. To defeat this strange enemy, BATMAN needs a potent vehicle: the BATMOBILE. The car has been completely reinvented, reflecting the environment of Art Deco GOTHAM CITY. It is huge, long, low and sleek, combining design elements from 1930’s coupes as well as modern racing cars. It features a repeating bat motif evident in the distinctive wing-shaped tail fins. It is technologically equipped with the most advanced automotive customization. It features a jet turbine engine and 530 km/h top speed (with booster). It cost a few million dollars to develop and was built on a Chevy® Impala™ chassis.