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Masters of the Universe Classics Keldor


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Banished from the royal palace, in part due to distrust for the rare blue-skinned Gar race, Prince Keldor™ became an outcast. He traveled Eternia® seeking knowledge and guidance, eventually discovering the ancient spirit of Hordak™. From him, Keldor™ learned of the dark arts, and came to realize that to truly unite Eternia®, he would need to take command of the planet himself. He gathered an army of fellow outcasts and led them in battle against his brother, Captain Randor™. Eventually defeated, and near death, Keldor™ once again turned to Hordak™ who, in exchange for his own freedom, agreed to save Keldor’s life by merging him with Demo-Man™, twisting Keldor™ into Skeletor® — Lord of Destruction™! R6259