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Monster High Dead Tired doll Dracula


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Monster High Doll: Pick Up a Freaky Tired Girl

The Monster High Dead Tired Doll collection proves that dolls have come a long way from the cuddly baby replicas of yesteryear. This unique teenage doll collection includes a bunch of trendy teenage girls with famous monster parents including Frankenstein, Wolf Man and Dracula, just to name a few. They shun the ways of their parents, dress in trendy fashions and wreak havoc at Monster High before gathering for their regular sleepovers.

Each Monster High Doll comes with a special pet, personalized hair brush, and a diary to write down all the wild and frightening events of high school and, of course, record how their old-fashioned parents will just never understand the trials and tribulations of having famously frightful parents. All the dolls are highly flexible so you can pose them in creative ways as they describe each day of teenage angst.

  • The Monster High Dead Tired Doll collection is recommended for girls ages 9 and up
  • At 7 ounces and about 13" tall, the dolls are easy to transport in a purse or backpack
  • No assembly required: All dolls are ready for wild and scary fun straight from the box...or maybe those are coffins
  • Each Monster High doll comes with a diary, hair brush, doll stand and one other accessory which varies with each doll
  • Outfits for Monster High dolls are available separately and interchangeable among the dolls
  • Inspires creative thinking and imagination
  • Promotes teamwork, sharing and camaraderie
  • Develops hand/eye coordination through posing