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Muv Luv Alt Total Eclipse Yui Takamura Ani Statue


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Joining the series of incredible Ani*Statues from the popular Muv-Luv Alternative Side Story is an all new version of the elite samurai and First Lieutenant in the Imperial Royal Guard, YUI TAKAMURA!  The last time we saw her she was relaxing in a kimono, but now she’s all business as she stands on the field of battle in her armored black, purple, and yellow plugsuit.  Her foes defeated, Yui leans on one hand with her katana at the ready in the other.  The pilot’s suit has striking sculpted details with armor sections, high-tech protrusions, intricate lines, and creases.  Meanwhile, Yui has a distant stare in her huge purple eyes and long tendrils of black hair swirl around her.  Sculpted by Masato Abe, Yui Takamura stands 10 inches tall (1/7 scale) on her unique rubble display base.  She’s the perfect addition to your Muv-Luv collection of statues and plastic models from Kotobukiya!